If you are in the retail or restaurant business, you know that not too long ago cash registers were the only tool to use. However, these days’ companies have more choices. Point of sales systems, which can be installed on wireless mobile devices, have become the primary and best way to ring up and track sales. As time goes by, more and more business owners are making the transition from regular cash registers to point of sales systems, with shipments of new systems being expected to climb up to 95% worldwide this year.

Even though POS systems can benefit all sorts of companies, they seem to be the most beneficial for small business. Here are only a few of the many benefits they provide:

  1. Simplifying the accounting process

While the regular cash register forces accountants to sort through hundreds of receipts, point of sales systems do not require that. With the POS systems the personnel can either use the built in reports that the POS system creates, or create their own reports.

  1. Inventory management system

Something that a cash register could never do is help you with the inventory management. The point of sales systems often come with an overall inventory management system built into them. With this, store owners or managers can track their best selling products and are able to reorder them when they see that stocks are getting low.

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  1. Looking up past transactions

A huge benefit of point of sales systems is the ease with which you can look up past transactions without having to sort through receipts manually. If, for example, you need to know how much product was sold the previous Monday, the POS system can help you do that in a matter of seconds, thus, relieving you of, potentially, hours of work you would need when using a regular cash register.

  1. Help with purchases

You can eliminate and extra step in the ordering process by using your point of sales system to create your own purchase orders. Another thing that you can do, is automate the ordering process by programing the POS system to automatically order products that are running low so that you never run out of your best selling products.

  1. Modernization

Since the generation that is now entering the workforce practically never knew of a time without computers, they are often more comfortable when working with point of sales devices than with old fashioned cash registers.

The benefits listed are only a few of many benefits that using a Point of Sales system provides. Although getting the POS system can be a big investment at first, it makes up for it in huge increases of productivity and efficiency. Hopefully, these benefits encourage you to make the change from the old fashioned cash register, to the new and modern Point of Sales systems.