Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile Credit Card Reader

When you think of small businesses, you immediately think of a family-run enterprise and you are not wrong. However, these are not the only type of small businesses out there and many companies operating in niche markets are also in this category. They need a cashless payment method which is where the mobile credit card reader comes in. There are many vendors that can improve their customer service and expand to a larger clientele by using the POS systems.

  • Artists and craftsmen

People who sell their handmade crafts and paintings at festivals, art shows and other pop-up markets can make use of the credit card machine to accept payments. This can be extended to jewelry makers, seamstresses and makeup artists who choose community events rather than a brick-and-mortar store for their sales. These systems are designed with a minimum monthly fee and ideal for businesses with fewer transactions.

  • Food and drink
Whether you’re a food truck or a roadside vendor, having a mobile POS system can help increase the number of sales you make. People do not prefer carrying cash and often they get hungry and the food truck is infront of them but they cannot buy anything. Mobile and tablet related payment is popular with these vendors. Not only them but restaurants have also started using smart menus for ordering that generate the bill prior to confirming the order. This helps customers and diners order whatever they want without feeling pressured to make a decision fast. The biggest advantage is that the credit card payment can be processed right at the spot and the server no longer has to take the card from you. Credit card payment systems are not only to facilitate the customer but they also make it easier for the business to process payments.
  • service team
If you do not sell any physical products but offer services to your clients then it is most likely you do not have an office and only a transportation vehicle. This is the case for repairmen, domestic cleaners, pet grooming vans and other mobile facilities. It is essential that they have a credit card machine for accepting the large payments. This allows them to make the transaction faster rather than waiting for the check to clear. It also makes the business look more professional and trustworthy. Since the payments are upfront there is no chance of deceit on the customer’s end. Freelancers will benefit the most out of accepting credit card payments because often they hand over the work they have done and do not get anything in return.
  • Retailers

Even businesses that sell products but lack a physical store can take advantage of the mobile POS system because they can sell anywhere and at any time. A smartphone can be used on the sidewalk even to help customers complete secure transactions. This is helpful for larger stores too where customers do not have to walk over to the register to have their bill ringed. Many small businesses miss out on potential customers because they do not have a credit card machine. They find paying the account fees expensive and do not want to transfer the financial burden to the customer. New technology can help them join the others by conducting businesses on smartphones. The mobile credit card machine is easy to use and a light on the pocket too. Services that provide manual labor have been concerned with the security needs of their clients but mobile credit card system takes care of that too. There are many safe options available that can accept larger payments through credit card and provide the benefit of instant payment to the business.

Reasons Mobile Credit Card Readers are Essential

1. They allow a business to generate revenue with a simple swipe and the evidence for it is saved in the records. It can be a pain to keep track of all the checks, receipts and cash flows and there are frequent cases of the checks bouncing. With a credit card machine the payments are received instantly and no one has to worry about a pending installment. After the transaction an email or text message is sent to the customer from the smartphone.

2. It is an easy and affordable option for the benefits it offers. There is a smartphone application as well which can help access the payment information and details whenever and wherever you are. The application is compatible on all smartphone platforms and the fee system differs for each product. Transaction fees are usually less than 3 percent and it is much cheaper to buy a mobile credit card system than the full-sized version.
3. The addition of this system to a business can help it grow by acquiring a larger customer base. When you accept multiple payment methods then the customer has more options and they can choose whichever one they like. It also shows to the customer that the business values their freedom of choice and wants to extend the convenience of flexibility to them.
4. The business is validated by a credit card machine especially if it is a small-scale one. Customers feel that a company is well-established and secure once they are able to accept credit cards. 5. The online records are always accessible and make it easier to manage the accounts. Professional reports can be generated every week, month or quarter and the statements are sent free of charge.
The technology is simple and allows small businesses to collaborate with a number of partners. To offer the best service to the clients, a business needs to be transparent. They should choose a mobile credit card machine that has lower monthly fee and no hidden costs. It is best to go for one that only charges per transaction and has an encrypted software for a secure connection. Mobile card readers cater to the new businesses and they offer many plans designed specifically for them.

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